Kaka claims Ronaldo is just a fat man walking the streets of Brazil

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Former Brazil and AC Milan midfielder Kaka has claimed Brazilian legend Ronaldo is just a ‘fat guy walking the streets’ in his country.

Kaka Claims Brazilians Treat Legendary Ronaldo Like ‘He’s just a fat man walking in the streets’, the former AC Milan startold BeIN Sports in which he criticized many Brazilians for not supporting their UFABET national team. He believes today’s stars like Neymar are not getting the respect they deserve. It made him say something strange. that ronaldo is ‘A fat man walking down the street’, but what is the true meaning of those words?

Kaka claims Ronaldo is just a fat man walking the streets of Brazil

    “It’s strange to say this. But a lot of Brazilians don’t support Brazil,” Kaka admits. “It happens sometimes. If you see Ronaldo walking here, you’re like, ‘Wow’, he’s something different here. In Brazil, he’s just a fat guy. One walking down the street. Right now, many people in Brazil are talking about Neymar. but in a negative way Maybe it’s because of politics. But we Brazilians are sometimes not aware of our talents.”

         Host Richard Keyes couldn’t believe what Gaga said. “Wait a minute… Ronaldo doesn’t get the same admiration from Brazilians as he gets from us?” Keyes asked. “Of course a lot of Brazilians love Ronaldo. i love ronaldo But the way he is respected in Brazil and abroad is different. I see more respect for him outside the country than there,” Gaga replied.

         Perhaps interest in the national team will increase if Brazil beat Croatia to reach the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup. And are hoping to qualify for the last 4 teams if they pass Croatia tonight (Friday, December 9, 2022) and with the way they have played so far in this list. Having said that, it would be crazy if anyone will overlook them

         While Brazil were making the headlines for their excellent football during the World Cup, The Selecao also created a buzz about the celebrations during their 4-1 win over South Korea in the last 16, with manager Tite joining the players to dance after Brazil scored. which he was criticized for, however, he insisted he would not apologize.

         “It’s the connection I have with the younger generation. They could be my grandchildren,” he says. “If I had to dance to connect with them, I would. I won’t apologize since it’s our culture to dance and have fun. I won’t comment on those who don’t know the history and culture of Brazil like we do  . Someone who knows how much I respect our history. They are the ones I will give my heart to. That’s not an insult to others. That’s what we do, that’s us.” “We’ll do things. continue in our unique style.”