Scaloni upset Fah White closed the training ground but leaked player information

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Lionel Scaloni is annoyed that reporters learned about the Argentina international’s injury despite secret training ahead of their World Cup quarter-final clash against the Netherlands. He still wanted to bring down Paulo Dybala. Can’t play at all

Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni was annoyed in an interview with reporters when asked about Atletico Madrid midfielder Rodrigo de Paul ‘s injury saying his UFABET team trained. off-field practice. Therefore do not know how this news has slipped, ready to confirm that Paulo Dybala is 100% fit. But he has not yet found an opportunity to send him onto the field.

Scaloni upset Fah White closed the training ground but leaked player information

The Blue White army has qualified for the 8 finalists of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Meeting with the Netherlands national team on Friday December 9 at a press conference before the game. Argentinian boss was shot questioning about the fitness condition of Midfielder at Atletico with a sore hamstring. As well as Angel Di Maria with a sore muscle.

The 44-year-old head coach expressed dissatisfaction with this question: “Yesterday we practiced in closed field. so now I don’t know how you know that Rodrigo might be in trouble, are you trying to help the Netherlands ? This is not good for us. When the inside information leaks through the media like this We have to learn and improve in a new environment. if they feel good We will wait and see after practice today that Will they be on the list tomorrow?

At the same time, Scaloni also revealed that Paulo Dybala. A striker from Roma who has not played even a second in this World Cup. It’s not caused by a problem with fitness condition. But it’s purely a matter of tactics. Which he still does not find an opportunity to send onto the field And will only select the best players to play in each match

“He hasn’t played yet. Because I haven’t seen the right moment to bring him onto the pitch, he’s fine, he’s fit and he’s in the shape of being able to be part of the starting XI, but we think because of the matches we’ve played. and development of players So we haven’t had a chance. We have up to 26 players to choose from and we have to try to choose the one who can fit into the situation in that match,” said the Argentina boss.