Trossar admits he must play patiently before scoring the winning goal for the Gunners

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Leandro Trossar, Arsenal’s hero, revealed that he had to wait patiently for his chance because Everton defended well until he scored in the 69th minute and scored the winning goal, helping the team to grab three points back from Goodison Park.

Trossar admits he must play patiently before scoring the winning goal for the Gunners

Arsenal midfielder Leandro Trossar admits that their opponents defended well in the penalty area. Therefore it is difficult to have a chance to look at the score and he must play patiently and wait for the opportunity. Until scoring the winning goal for the Gunners to defeat Everton 1-0 in the English Premier League game at Goodison Park on Sunday, September 17th. Grabbed three points home in style.

The Gunners have a bad record with visits. blue toffee  In the last five matches, he lost 4 games and tied 1, with the 28-year-old star being sent on to replace Gabriel Martinelli, who had a hamstring injury, in the 23rd minute, and in the end he won the Man of the title. match with a superb shot in the 69th minute which was enough to defeat the Alums for the first time since 2017. 

“Everyone is definitely happy. We really want to get the 3 points away from here. And we did it. We are very pleased for that,” said the Belgian national team star. “Obviously you have to always be ready. (To play) But it’s always harder when you’re playing difficult games as well. Especially the first half They defended really well in the box, it was difficult for us to have clear chances. But after that it’s a matter of patience. I thought we had some chances in the second half. And luckily I scored.”

Victory in this match Build morale by returning to play the UEFA Champions League with PSV Eindhoven at Emirates Stadium on Wednesday, September 20, before the first North London derby match of the tournament. season with Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday, September 24, where Trossar revealed he is looking forward to playing in Europe’s top competition for the first time. Like experiencing the derby a few days later.

“I’m very excited, to be honest,” said the former Brighton player , who joined the Gunners in January. “This is my first game in the competition. Champions League as well, so coming to Arsenal is a pleasure. I am looking forward to playing in this competition.”