9 types of vegetables that are not recommended to be eaten raw May cause harm in patients with some diseases.

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Although vegetables are foods that are beneficial to the body And it is something that the body cannot live without. Because vegetables provide enormous amounts of good nutrients to the body. However, eating vegetables should be eaten correctly. Especially eating raw vegetables It is considered prohibited for some types of vegetables. Because eating some vegetables raw It can cause the body to be harmed. Therefore, we have collected vegetables that are not recommended to be eaten raw. Because it may cause harm to patients with certain diseases. What types of vegetables will there be? Let’s read together. 

9 types of vegetables that are not recommended to be eaten raw May cause harm in patients with some diseases.

1. Mushrooms:
Fresh mushrooms with white flesh are common. Agaritine is often detected. Which is one of the substances that can cause cancer. But this substance will dissipate. If properly cooked Therefore, mushrooms are vegetables that must not be eaten raw. For the safety of the consumer’s body

2. Cassava
Eating raw cassava in its tubers, roots, and leaves can cause the body to become poisoned and even cause death. This is because the poison will disrupt the work of the heart and ยูฟ่าเบท blood systems. This results in less oxygen entering the brain cells. Or some people with mild symptoms may experience dizziness, headache, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Bamboo shoots: Fresh bamboo shoots contain cyanogenic glycoside, which is a substance that can be changed to cyanide that is toxic to the body. If the body receives this type of substance in large quantities It will go into the hemoglobin in the body. Causes symptoms of lack of oxygen There are symptoms of distress, loss of consciousness, and possibly death.

4. Bean sprouts
: Bean sprouts are a vegetable that is contaminated with salmonella and E. coli bacteria. It also contains sodium sulfite, which is a bleaching agent. These substances contribute to the body’s symptoms of nausea, shortness of breath, stomach pain, and low blood pressure. Therefore, it should be cooked before eating in order to destroy bacteria and bleach first.

5. Yard-long beans:
As for yardlong beans, they are highly contaminated with pesticides. Therefore, eating raw yardlong beans Especially in the Somtam menu. It will inevitably cause the body to receive toxins. Even though it has been washed Therefore, it is recommended that eating it cooked is safer.

6. Cauliflower:
For those suffering from hypothyroidism, you should absolutely not eat raw cauliflower. This is because this vegetable contains goitrogens, which are substances that inhibit the production of thyroid hormones. This causes the body to draw less iodine from the blood than normal. and may cause goiter as a result.

7. Broccoli
Broccoli is a sugary vegetable that must be digested with heat before it can cause bloating. And there are also certain hormones that increase the risk of developing thyroid disease. This hormone will decompose when exposed to heat.

8. Spinach
Raw spinach contains oxalic acid. which prevents the body from absorbing iron and calcium. So who is in a state of iron or calcium deficiency? You should avoid eating raw spinach as it is safe for the body.

9. Cabbage:
Raw cabbage contains oxalate. If the body receives this type of substance in large quantities It will bind with calcium in the kidney cones. until it becomes calcium oxalate When the kidney cones contain a large amount of this substance Will be at risk of kidney stones.

It can be seen that each type of raw vegetable contains substances that are harmful to the body. And these substances will decompose when heated. Therefore, for the safety of the body It is essential that everyone avoids eating raw vegetables. Then turn to focus on cooking, whether it be vegetables or any food.